Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hello there stranger...

Hi bloggers!  Long time no see, sorry!  My life has been filled with dance recitals, t-ball games, and birthday parties.  Fun stuff, but not much time for Mommy and the computer.  Fellow writers, I have a few questions.  How long should a synopsis be?  I've heard the shorter the better, or short and sweet I suppose.  Also, do you suggest I send a query letter to more than one agent at a time?  I'm so new and eager at this, I keep telling myself to be patient and make sure everything is perfect first.  Oh yeah, I'm a library director now!  I just started working at the McCune Osage Township Library this week and I love it!  Who wouldn't love being surrounded by the smell of books? :)  For those of you that have little ones and live in SEK, stop by our Summer Reading Program next week, everyday at 1:00.  We also have a magician visiting on Tuesday and a singer on Thursday!  Yay!!  xoxo Meg

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  1. A library directo!!! Oh! Dream job. Congrats!! That's so exciting.

    I'd say, on average, a 2 to 3 page synopsis is best. 5 pages at the most. For the kind of story you write, anyway. Usually an agent will specify in their submission guidelines how long of a synopsis they prefer.

    On Agents, you can send out queries to more than one company at a time. But let the others know immediatly if another wants to represent you. On Editors, the rule is typically send out one query at a time...unless they say on their guidlines that they'll accept simultaneous submissions. Again, let the other editors know when you contract with someone else.

    Usually, if you just read a specific agent/editor's guidelines, they'll answer most of your questions. Each place is a little different about what they want. GOOD LUCK!