"I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, a huge trust fund, and an even bigger attitude. 
I know I'm ready for NYC, but is NYC ready for Alexis Monarch?"

After packing her Gucci purses and Louis Vuitton heels, Alexis Monarch holds her head high as she enters the real world of New York City.  The adopted daughter of two extremely wealthy oil tycoons, Alexis is desperate to leave the wide open fields of Kansas for the busy asphalt streets of NYC.  With her gorgeous brown hair and impeccable make-up, she is the picture of perfection.  At least she thinks so.  Alexis' gift, the power of being perfect at almost everything, has gotten her far in life.  High school records contained no absences, every class was an A plus, and her talent of ballet landed her an apprenticeship with a major company in New York City.  Between dancing and classes, Alexis could only imagine herself succeeding in the Big Apple.  But once she opens the door to her new dorm room, she is shocked to find her roommate is as beautiful as she is.  She actually even LOOKS like Alexis.
Allison Nelson was a spitting image of Alexis, only much more clumsy and even awkward at times.  She wears baggy sweaters and the poor girl hasn't had a manicure in her whole life!  Confused by the identical appearances, Alexis investigates and eventually discovers that the reason behind her trip to NYC was much more important than ballet classes and incredible shopping.  She finds out that her gift of perfection isn't always a good thing.
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