"I'm the most honest, hardworking, trustworthy girl you'll ever meet.  I think I must've been a golden retriever in my past life."

After completing four long years of high school hell, Clare Wainwright was ecstatic to be moving back where she grew up, Southern Alabama.  Few tears were shed as she packed up her belongings and headed out of Kansas, leaving behind her three best friends and a loving family of seven.  Yes, seven.  Although Clare will miss her four brothers and three sisters, she knows it will be worth it once she sees her one and only true love, James Riley Gibson.  Letter after letter was exchanged between the two lovebirds throughout the high school years.  No one, not even the cutest guy in school could've turned her head. At the age of ten, Clare knew she was going to marry JR and nothing was going to stop her.
Now the red-haired beauty was eighteen and on a mission to get a diamond on her hand and a man in her arms.  Nothing could stop her, not even JR's waivering feelings for her. Trying not to use her power of persuasion, Clare yearns for JR to love her for who she is, not her 'gift'. Confused about her life down south, she makes an unlikely friendship with Nate Maddox, the witty blonde who keeps her laughing during the roughest time of her life.  After a turning point in her college career, Clare has to pick which road to take, the path she had always dreamed of or take a detour and create her own destiny.
Gulf Shores, AL
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