The Pact

I, Gifted Girl, do solemnly swear to uphold all laws within the Gifted Girls (Gigi's) club.  I vow to support and protect my fellow Gigi's and their gifts.  I will obey the following guidelines:

1. Meet every Saturday for the weekly Gigi meeting, consisting of exercising and perfecting our outstanding gifts while eating pint after pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

2. Never lie to a fellow Gigi. (Remember, Leila can read minds...)

3. Always give sound fashion advice to those Gigi's in need, especially Maggie.

4. Never put a boy ahead of your Gigi's.  Family and the Gifted Girls come first in life.

5. Finally, never and I mean never, tell a soul about your gift.  The only exception to the rule is when a Gigi gets married.  After you have that diamond on your finger, then you may tell your significant other.

Signed and agreed by:

Maggie Wilson
Clare Wainsworth
Alexis Monarch
Leila Avery

Dated September 25th, 2006