"I guess I'm the girl that gets lost in the background.  Eventually somebody will notice me, but for now, I'm okay with being invisible."

          Fresh out of high school, Maggie Wilson may look like the normal eighteen year old starting college.  But on the inside, she is anything but normal.  Along with dealing with the insecurities of being a teenager, Maggie has a whole other mess of problems.  She is a visionary.  Maggie has dreams, or visions of the future and the bad part is they are usually formidable.  And even worse, sometimes they come true. 
            After an accident involving a terrible lightning storm on the Fourth of July, Maggie has developed this secret power than nobody knows about.  Except for the other ‘Gifted Girls’ that is.  Maggie’s only friends, the ‘Gifted Girls’, are also blessed with an abnormal trait that makes them bizarre in the eyes of their peers.  After her three friends move away for college, Maggie is left in her Southeast Kansas hometown with a lonely heart, two doting parents, and an extremely annoying little sister.  Her college life is anything but exciting.  Until she meets good ol’ Southern boy Travis Kelley, that is.
            Maggie realizes she’s got her work cut out for her the minute she meets the dark-haired stranger.  Along with his irresistible Texas accent, Travis brings a whirlwind of new adventures for Maggie.  She opens her heart and mind to the idea of finding her one and only true love, learning not only to rely on Travis, but to trust him with her life when she is betrayed by her favorite professor.  With the help of the ‘Gifted Girls’, Maggie has to decide whether the cost of her true love is worth the cost of his life. 

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